About us

FRbodystyling is a company dedicated to the manufacture of high quality fiber glass components. After an investment in the remodeling of the factory the company dedicated to the prototyping and manufacture of auto parts. We have more than 10 000 items in stock.

We use high quality raw materials and work with the best suppliers in the market.

Although we make kits for all the automobiles of the market our specialty relay on the European brands (Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche) we produce the best components of the market for the best automobiles of the market.

In a market as sensitive as the car market we are forced to take quality seriously, customers who buy quality cars look for quality components. This is the reason that has taken our brand to the four corners of the world for the past 20 years.

FRbodystyling kits are designed with easy assembly so that they can all fit together smoothly, although we recommend that you be a specialist to apply to get the job done thoroughly.

High quality, strong material and moldable components are adjectives that define FRbodystyling. Whenever we make a sale we surprise our customers. 93% of our customers make more than one purchase on the page. We want to surprise you as well.